Advantages of Pharmacy Technician Career

There is a great chance that you are reading this article because you are looking for a promising career. We can offer you five reasons why choosing to be a pharmacy technician can be beneficial for you.

But before we get to that, it is crucial to understand first what pharmacy tech career requires, what this career is all about. Essentially, a pharmacy technician is an allied healthcare professional who is trained in providing clerical, administrative and pharmacy-related services under the supervision of a pharmacist. In other words, pharmacy technicians help pharmacists in fulfilling their full responsibilities.

Now, here are the top five reasons why choosing a career as pharmacy technician is a wise move.

Promising Career Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) believed that the statistics of the employment of pharmacy technicians will increase in 10 years. In line with the projection analysis, this growth is primarily due to the increase in number of older individuals who will be needing medicine and pharmaceutical services. There is a 32% increase in the employment of pharmacy technicians (have a look at job description) due further advancements through research in pharmacology.

Good Pay

The pharmacy techs will relish high salary for the reason that the academic requirements are highly needed in this field, much like that of nursing. In an hour, the average payment for a pharmacy tech is $11 each hour and $25,986 average pay per year. Just like other jobs, you can also earn extra pay through bonuses, overtime wages, commissions, and other kinds of monetary earnings.

Minimal Training

Pharmacy techs don’t have to undertake formal education requirements, and can also gain experience and expertise on the profession. If you wish to have a professional certificate and get more opportunities, it is advisable for you to finish a secondary pharmacy tech program. Pharmacy tech training are often offered at community colleges and also vocational schools.

Flexibility in Work Schedule

Big hospitals and pharmacies run 24/7. The good thing is that pharmacy techs can choose the working schedule that appropriate for their needs. You can ask for a special shift if you have some important things to tackle during the day.

Promising Career Opportunities

Pharmacy techs will work in such various work places. By doing so, you’ll certainly have greater opportunities that you have been yearning for. In the beginning, you can search for a job in a local drugstore and after you have developed yourself, you can opt to work in a big hospital. If you wish to become a pharmacist, a nurse or even a medical professional, you can decide to further your education. If you want to become a pharmacist, be sure to keep up with one of the toughest branches of medicine. To be able to compete internationally, be sure that you get the very best hands on experience.

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